OPS and Handling Company
ATA Concept Group of Companies
21, Al-Farabi ave., apt. 756
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

About us

For 10 years, we are a growing company in the field of ground handling in airports of Kazakhstan and other countries. Along with the increase of flights to Kazakhstan, particularly in Almaty and Astana, and the rapid development of the aviation sector in Kazakhstan, we are focused on the beneficial development in the field of airport, ground and VIP-services, as well as catering and all related services.

K-Generation is a complete service for your VIP-flights in the heart of Asia.

Our management team and staff represent the best practitioners in the aviation industry with unique expertise and provide premium service in their dedicated areas.

The company employs 25 highly qualified professionals with immense experience of 7 years and above. Among them: ground supervisors, dispatchers, navigators, drivers on the platform, and the staff of related services. Each, without exception, was trained in the specialization of aviation services, security and interaction with the crew of aircraft.

Customer satisfaction is the basis of our mission. We are always looking for self-improvement. And excellence – our primary objective.

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